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How Your School Can Throw the Best Outdoor Events — and Raise Money in the Process

Whether you’re teaching students their ABCs or diving into the complexities of pre-calc, throwing an outdoor fundraising event is a great way to inject fun into the classroom and raise some money. As fun as these events can be, they don’t magically happen out of thin air. It takes coordination, leadership, and great active minds to end up with an event that everyone can enjoy.

Event planning can seem challenging, but with the right tips and strategies, you’ll master the art of how your school can throw the best outdoor events — and make a bit of money while you’re at it!

Important Questions to Ask

Before you start shopping for bouncy houses in bulk, it’s important that you ask yourself a few questions. Answering these is critical to outlining how you want your school event to go:

  • How much do you want to spend?/How much do you want to make? This will be the key to your fundraising efforts. Do you have an unlimited budget? Are you trying to make a large profit, or just trying to have a good time? Outlining your fundraising goals is a huge first step.
  • Where will your event be located? Another key to your event’s success is knowing where it will be located. Some schools have a playground or field, but what if you don’t? Will you have to find another location to host your event? 
  • Who’s in charge? Don’t forget to identify your leadership team. It could be a group of teachers, students, or even parents of students, but make sure you have a group that can lead and think of some great event ideas.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you can get to the fun part: planning your event! Here are a few tips on how to plan the best outdoor event for your school.

Plan Ahead and Early

Planning ahead can save you a lot of time and hassle. You don’t want to be rushing last minute to have items shipped, and you certainly don’t want to plan last minute and not be able to have kids show up. A parent probably wouldn’t want their kid going to a super last-minute event, and kids might not be excited to go if their best friends won’t be able to attend. Planning early gives you leverage in case of emergencies and helps you to ensure a smoother, better event.

Spread the Word! 

What’s an event without any guests? Planning ahead is the best way to ensure everyone knows about the event. Use social media to spread the word, and maybe even create a guest list for everyone to see so that attendees can know exactly who is going. Put up posters and send emails throughout the school year to keep parents and students in the know. 

Tip: Consider allowing other students, family, or friends to attend your school event. You might have to get waivers signed either by consenting parents or students, but it’s a great way to maximize attendance and profit.

Bring the Best Teachers

We all know that one teacher that was everyone’s favorite. The one that could participate in any type of event, and every kid gravitated towards them. Why not invite the teachers that students can rally around? It’s all about giving people a reason to come, and the best teachers will provide incentives for students to interact in a non-classroom setting. You can even plan events with those teachers and have the students team up with their favorite teachers for prizes. 

Have Activities for All Ages

The best events have activities that everyone can participate in, and you want to have multiple activities for all ages. Take polls and ask students what events they like to do, or ask teachers and parents for their input. Water balloon fights might be better for one group, while ice cream and tag might be better for others. Having the best outdoor school events requires a diverse set of fun and engaging activities that everyone can participate in, and doing it right will pay off with tons of smiles.

Sell a Bunch of Stuff!

Think about it. Everyone is running around, having a good time in the warm sun. You’re thinking about how great of a job you did until you realize that you didn’t make any money! You can’t raise money if you aren’t selling anything, and a good fundraising event turns in a pretty decent profit. Consider selling food and water, and offer special games or events that students can pay to play. They don’t have to be super expensive, but rely on the volume you attract from spreading the word to make you a bit of cash for your school!

Need Help Planning Your School Event?

School events are some of the best ways to get away from the grind that is the school year and make some money for your school or class in the process. We understand that it can be difficult to plan and even more difficult to execute. If you’re looking for experts in exclusive events, quality food, and exceptional entertainment, be sure to contact us for catering in Southern California and outdoor school events in and around Agoura Hills, CA!

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