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Tips for Planning the Ultimate Company Picnic

A company picnic can boost morale, promote collaboration, and show appreciation for your team. However, events like these take careful planning and coordination if they want to be remembered for all the right reasons. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of all the advantages and good times of an office outing, follow these tips for planning the ultimate company picnic.

Create a Realistic Budget

When planning the event, create a budget that allows for venue, food, games, entertainment, and prizes. While company picnics are typically laid back, there’s no reason to use this as an excuse not to go all-out! If you want employees leaving feeling motivated and loyal to your organization, a pop-up tent and hot dogs may not cut it.

Choose a Favorable Date

Believe it or not, selecting a great date is one of the most critical steps when planning a successful company picnic. Since they tend to be outdoors, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the weather in the dead heat of summer. Take care not to pick a date during peak vacation season or holidays, either. While weekdays may ensure the best availability, your employees — and their families — may prefer a weekend day.

Consider Non-Employee Guests

It goes without saying that all employees will be invited to your company picnic. However, you should consider extending the invitation to spouses and children. Attendance will be higher if you involve family, and you’ll reap more benefits in the way of loyalty and appreciation!

Select a Fun Theme

Choosing a theme is an ideal way to shake-up the corporate event, making the company picnic feel new and different every year — especially if it’s at the same location. Themes can be incorporated into the decor, music, menu, and if applicable, the invitations! From luau and mardi gras to Oktoberfest and circus, great ideas are aplenty when you go to plan your company picnic.

Dish Up a Delicious Menu

You couldn’t call it a company picnic without some food! But even so, you have some options. While grilling may save the company money, full-service catering allows everyone to sit back and enjoy the day. Remember to include vegetarian, kid-friendly, and allergy free foods. Drum up excitement from your employees by letting them in on mouthwatering menu items planned for the big day.

Plan Games and Activities

Company picnics are terrific opportunities to incorporate team building activities. These can include anything from field-day type activities such as tug of war or three-legged races, team sports like volleyball, or even inflatable jousting rings!

Also, consider less-physical activities like scavenger hunts, trivia games, and even bingo. If your event is themed, you can base activities around it such as hula lessons at the luau or midway games at a fair-themed corporate outing. Don’t forget to have kid-friendly activities planned, too!

Incorporate Giveaways

Raffling off door prizes is definitely a part of the day everyone looks forward to, but make sure to go for quality over quantity; it’s better to have a handful of really great prizes as opposed to a ton of items no one would value as much. Anything from televisions, give cards, theme park passes, and more are excellent choices!

Want Additional Tips for Planning Your Company Picnic? Turn to Team Play Events!

Company picnics are an excellent way to show employee appreciation and come together as co-workers; making sure it’s done is paramount. Team Play Events can help customize a fun, productive day for you and your whole team! For more information about our company picnic locations throughout Los Angeles and beyond, including Dominguez Park, reach out to our event specialists today.

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