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We Have A Lot On Our Plates

Hosting a corporate event and want to wow the office? We can help you out. In charge of organizing the school carnival and need options that will satisfy every attendee? We’ve got you covered. Need a delicious food vendor for your upcoming fair or festival that will also allow for plenty of Instagrammable moments? We’re there! Foodie Booths are a beautiful alternative to your typical food truck or boring buffet. With our mouthwatering menus and eye-catching presentation, our booths are sure to be a hit no matter what the nature of your event is. Wherever you find hungry people, you’ll find Foodie Booths.

We'll Spoil Your Appetite!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

We know that the hardest part of ordering food for your big day is deciding what to offer your guests.  With Foodie Booths, you don’t have to settle for just one food genre. Foodie Booths offer a variety of unique menu options and cuisines as well as the flexibility to customize and accommodate special requests. Whether you want to gear your menu towards your event’s theme or create a Foodie Village with multiple cuisine options, we’ll make it easy to impress your crowd. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Foodie Booths are a beautiful alternative to your tried-and-true food truck. They’re adorable, eye-catching food booths packed with mouthwatering menus that setup easily for any occasion.Wherever you find hungry people, you’ll find Foodie Booths!

Foodie Booths are great for any occasion! With the wide variety of menus we offer, we are perfect for any wedding, wrap party, festival, school carnival, office lunch, retirement or anniversary celebration, or birthday party. We also offer drop off catering platters!

Foodie Booths offer a variety of unique menu options as well as the flexibility to customize and accommodate special requests. Choose just one Foodie Booth or create a Foodie Village with multiple different cuisines and menu options. No matter what you’re looking to achieve at your event, we make it easy to impress your crowd.

All we require is a level surface with enough space to set up our 10×10 booth(s) and adjacent grill station(s)  (if applicable). We’ll bring the grills, any power we may require, and, of course, the food! In addition, we are a full-service event planning company and can provide anything else you can imagine for your event. Whether you need tables and chairs, inflatables and entertainment, or something else entirely, we can handle it! 
For more information about the additional entertainment and rental options we provide, check out our sister company, Team Play Events.

Our Foodie Booths are booked out on a first come, first served basis – so the earlier you book it, the better! In regards to the menu items, we can make modifications up to 10 business days out from your event, and we’re happy to work with you in order to curate your perfect menu.

We will prepare food for the amount of people you guaranteed, and request the final guest count no later than five (5) days prior to your event. We will make every effort to accommodate last minute guests, but we can’t guarantee that we will have enough food to provide for additional attendees.

Pricing varies depending on the number of guests, menu(s), serving time, and amount of Foodie Booths you’d like at your event.

We have several different payment options available: we accept hosted prepayment via cash, check, or credit card (3% convenience fee applies for credit cards; Visa and MasterCard only), a no-host option accepting credit card and cash onsite from attendees, or a combination of the two, which allows the host to prepay an agreed upon amount and the guests to purchase food at a reduced price.

If you cancel your event 30 or more days prior to the event date, your full deposit will be refunded.  15-29 days prior to the event date, ½ of the deposit will be refunded. 1-14 days prior to the event date, the full deposit will be retained. If you let us know fewer than 72 hours out from your event, we reserve the right to retain the full amount of the event.

Give us a call at 818.889.3336 or email us at to discuss the details for your next event! (Reservations are not considered confirmed until contract and deposit are received.)

Meet Our team

Derek Brandes


Derek attended culinary school in New Jersey at Hudson County Community College and completed his internship in a small French restaurant, La Apricot, in Hoboken. La Apricot had a great saying – “The Plates Are Our Canvas” – that stuck with him even after he left. After graduation, Derek worked on a catering boat on the Hudson River. 

When summer ended, he moved to St. Louis and began working at the Marriott. He reopened their bakery (which had previously been closed for three years) and gained a significant amount of experience working in their catering and fine dining departments. The job was great, but St. Louis wasn’t working for Derek – so he moved back to New Jersey, where he took a job in New York at a classical French restaurant (Le Jockey Club). Working there was a great experience for Derek – in just one short year, he graduated from being a line cook to becoming a sous chef. Eventually, he decided to move back to Los Angeles and began working in Malibu. He became a sous chef at Splash Restaurant, and when it turned into Monroe’s Restaurant, he became their executive chef.

Six years later, Derek was offered a job as a corporate chef for the restaurant chain Koo Koo Roo. Derek was integral in helping Koo Koo Roo open 38 new storefronts and worked on an array of projects for them (including restaurant/kitchen design, menu development, photoshoots, ingredient procurement, food costing, and more). He also trained and worked with the kitchen managers to ensure that everyone was trained properly and every single menu item was prepared correctly. Koo Koo Roo eventually purchased Hamburger Hamlet, and this became another project that Derek was able to take on (helping with menu development, etc.). When Koo Koo Roo was purchased by Prandium Inc., Derek assisted with menu development in Prandium’s other restaurants, El Torito and Chi Chi’s. The president of Prandium eventually brought Derek with her to Boudin Bakery as the Director of Research and Development, where he continued to assist with similar tasks as the ones he did during his time at Koo Koo Roo.

Derek took a short break from the food industry to help a friend expand his business and to spend quality time with his family. After a few years away, he realized he needed and wanted to return to what he was truly passionate about – food! Prior to joining the Team Play Events/ Foodie Booth Catering family, he worked at Monrose Catering, where he had the opportunity to create exciting dishes at fabulous locations. Derek began working at Team Play Events/ Foodie Booth Catering in 2018 as head chef, and is now in charge of overseeing the kitchen and its staff, assisting with menu development and execution, and providing amazing, quality food for more than 150 events (with groups ranging from 25 attendees to over 6000!) a year.

Michelle Sterkel (Bauman)

Director of Sales

Michelle has worked as an event planner for over a decade, and enjoys combining her expertise at innovating creative solutions, working with people, and food! Clients who work with Michelle appreciate her ability to to understand different perspectives, her attentiveness, and her gift of candor. 

Michelle particularly enjoys delivering a customized and unique event experience for each client she works with and project she takes on. 

Prior to joining Team Play Events/Foodie Booth Catering in 2017, Michelle worked for a nationwide networking organization where she spearheaded the development and execution of social and networking events, golf tournaments, conferences, and meetings throughout California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. 

Michelle was born and raised in Southern California and loves spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for her family, indulging in game nights with her friends, and considering herself a beer connoisseur. All in all, she thinks her life is pretty “brew”tiful! 

Sam Mendoza

Foodie Booth Maintenance Manager

Bio coming soon!