Michelle Sterkel

Michelle has worked as an event planner for over a decade, and enjoys combining her expertise at innovating creative solutions, working with people, and food! Clients who work with Michelle appreciate her ability to understand different perspectives, her attentiveness, and her gift of candor. Michelle particularly enjoys delivering a customized and unique event experience for each client she works with and project she takes on. 

Prior to joining Team Play Events in 2017, Michelle worked for a nationwide networking organization where she spearheaded the development and execution of social and networking events, golf tournaments, conferences, and meetings throughout California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. 

Michelle was born and raised in Southern California and loves spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for her family, indulging in game nights with her friends, and considering herself a beer connoisseur. All in all, she thinks her life is pretty “brew”tiful! 


Favorite Piece of Equipment: Bungee Run

Favorite Picnic Race Game: Water Balloon Toss