Syd Kronenthal Park.


Syd Kronenthal Park
3459 McManus Avenue, Culver City, CA

With six acres of land, Syd Kronenthal Park offers plenty of space to play traditional picnic games and set up play equipment for kids and adults alike. 

Syd Kronenthal Park Amenities:

  • 2 picnic areas
  • 5 Barbeques
  • 2 Children’s Play Equipment
  • Inflatable play equipment allowed with permit
  • 2 Softball Diamonds
  • 2 Half Court Basketball Court
  • 1 Soccer Field
  • Grass area
  • 1 Tennis Court
  • Night Lighting


Syd Kronenthan Park Reservation Information:

Call Syd Kronenthal Park directly at 310.839.0127 – or, better yet, give Team Play Events a call – we can help you with all those reservation and permit applications, submit insurance for your event, and can help you plan your company picnic from start to finish so all you have to do is enjoy the day!

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