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New And Exciting News and Updates

What's New at TPE

A lot, actually! Don't worry - all of our classic fun that you know and love is still available, 

but we're thrilled to share some of the new and exciting equipment, entertainment, and 

items that we've added to our repertoire for 2018!

Showtime Entertainment Package

Our new and improved Showtime Entertainment Package will provide tons of all-day fun for your entire group. One of our charismatic MCs will facilitate games, races, contests, and more throughout the entire day. This show is a hit for guests of all ages and will surely be the highlight of your event!
Team Play Events News

Location. Location. Location.

We know them all. We love them all. Truly there is something wonderful to be said for just about any group picnic site, Oxnard to San Diego and all points in between. However, there is more to be said about some company picnic locations than others. And we think Frank G. Bonelli Park is one of those locations you can’t say enough about.
Team Play Events News

Foodie Booths

What do you get when you cross the convenience of a food truck with a  Farmers Market feel? Foodie Booths! With over 15 different beautiful booths  featuring a variety of cuisines and menus, Foodie Booths will undoubtedly  wow your crowd and leave your guests wanting more. (More info available  at

Silent Disco

Don't let sound restrictions get in the way of your perfect dance party!  Silent Disco is the latest craze - and the quietest fun you'll ever have!  Attendees will receive a light up headset with multiple channels streaming  different genres of music (or a big game!), be invited to participate  in organized, interactive games, and have tons of fun without making  a sound! (More info available at
Team Play Events News

Decor and Themes

      Take your party to the next level by adding some festive decor! Choose from one  of our amazing themed packages or create your own to throw a beautiful,  memorable, and eye-catching party that's sure to impress your guests.

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