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Have you ever looked across the conference room table and noticed your team hunched over in rumpled disorganization? Are you looking for ways to increase daily enthusiasm and improve the office morale? Or are you simply just looking to put some pep in the step of the people you spend your workweek with?

Look no further! Team Play Events has developed team building games and activities that target your team's individual goals with an unexpected and exhilarating program that will shake up the routine and give everyone a morale makeover!

Team Play Events will strategically develop an environment of shared experiences that guide your fellow co-workers to victory! Our programs of team building games and activities revolves around a set of coordinated events that create a safe space for everyone to enjoy a playful atmosphere that focuses on support and encouragement. Take advantage of our 30 acre private facility, Vasa Park, with our original equipment, or use a place that better suits your needs. We can bring our team building games and activities to your place of business or to one of the many beaches and parks in the Southern California area.

Our team building specialists have put together unique activities for team building that encourage participants to break down barriers and function as a cohesive group. There is no better moment than right now to coordinate a time for us to facilitate some amazing customized team building activities and games to address the challenges faced by your team.

Contact Team Play Events today! Call 818.889.3336 or send us an e-mail.

Not sure our program is right for your staff? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your team work together harmoniously without any conflict?
  • Do your employees come into work early, smiling and singing along the way?
  • Do your employees enjoy Mondays more than Fridays?
  • Have your employees mastered collaboration and working together as a cohesive team?

If you answered no to any of these four questions, then you should consider tapping into the awesome power that our programs can bring to your staff, and even more importantly, your entire company.

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