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We know them all. We love them all. Truly there is something wonderful to be said for just about any group picnic site, Oxnard to San Diego and all points in between. However, there is more to be said about some company picnic locations than others. And we think Frank G. Bonelli Park is one of those locations you can’t say enough about.

It has everything! Besides a rich history, it’s beautiful, with trees upon trees and, set against the rolling San Gabriel Mountains, you feel like you’re in a forest! The company picnic areas are perfect for your more modest groups all the way up to the huge soiree. There’s tons of covered seating, large beautifully manicured grassy areas, and all the amenities we need to create an amazing company event for employees and their families with entertainment options galore!

While so many locations can come with a long list of restrictions, Bonelli is long on accommodations and none of the usual limitations! The park allows alcohol, any and all inflatables, water equipment and applied sound! Picnickers always prefer our delicious on-site food preparation and Bonelli is an easy hook up for our picnic catering services. All this, plus we super love that there’s plenty of convenient parking! Bonelli is definitely a bench mark as locations go but what really puts it head and shoulders above other picnic destinations is LOCATION!! It is SO conveniently located. It’s half way between there and everywhere! We’re already booking lots of events at Bonelli Park and the turn outs are always amazing! If central location is a consideration for your company events, you, for sure, want to check out Bonelli Park and then, leave the rest to us! Call us to make your party a TeamPlay Event! 818.889.3336 P 818.889.2416 F

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