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Big Success for Little Folks!

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There is something so truly magical about seeing the smiling faces of children frolicking through Vasa Park, and hearing the sound of music fill the air and rise up over the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains in celebration of amazing individuals. Mending Kids International is an amazing organization that raises funds in order to bring lifesaving surgeries to children all over the world! And thanks to the big hearts of their founder taking brave steps to expand her project in California, our special events services was able to be a part of the Malibu Guild's BU LA LA Music Festival and Fun Faire this past Sunday at Vasa Park, home of Camp Keystone. Working with charities and non-profits is truly one of the perks of the job, and well it's close to our hearts too. Lauren our Director of Sales, has been working with a variety of charity organizations for over twenty years, and continues to work diligently in any way she possibly can. That includes creating relationships with folks not just as their event planner but as their partner in these ventures to create successful fundraisers.   This weekend was a blast! From the kids running around laughing and smiling to the families connecting with each other over delicious BBQ lunch, while listening to the lovely music of a variety of acts, all in the specular setting of Vasa Park. It's truly amazing that one can have so much more fun just knowing that it could mean saving the life of a child. Team Play Events loves to play, and it certainly doesn't hurt that it's for a good cause either. We love to help charities make their dreams come true, and at the end of the day knowing we helped event just the littlest bit is truly fulfilling. If you're looking for an amazing way to raise funds and keep your funds in the right place, our superior staff can help.  

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