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Dynamic Dinner Party Tips!

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It’s almost October! That’s right kids, the year has flown by like the snap of our very busy fingers.  With the weather changing the leaves beginning to fall here at Vasa Park, we’re starting to get excited about holiday planning, and you know what that means! Lots of holiday recipes are circulating around the office, potlucks abound and dinner parties with fun fall themes are taking over our calendars. What’s better than spending time with family and friends reminiscing and prepping for the super exciting holidays that bring gifts and of course the New Year! We’ve been busy collecting and sharing ideas with our clients for holiday parties, and in the midst of all that we received a request via Facebook for some tips for putting together a Dinner Party Checklist. And since our checklists for events are slightly more complicated than the average dinner party, we thought we’d put our Google skills to work and find a list that might be helpful to our fine readers and Facebook friend! There is a wealth of dinner party planning information out there, and truly it depends on the scope of the party. Will it be a few couples? Are you braver and looking to include a larger group of folks? Will there be a buffet or will you do sit down menu? What will your menu include? Will there be courses and options or a static menu? Seriously, every time we sit down for event operations meetings there is so much more that goes into planning than meets the eye! Start with these things…

  • Decide your party size. Make a guest list that will include a workable number of guests without crowding in whatever space you are using for your event.
  • Create a menu. Once you know your menu you can work on the theme for the event and decorations.
  • Make a checklist! Shopping lists, décor and to do lists will help guide you through the process. We found this one that is really detailed and easy to copy!
  • Don’t stress!!! Just have fun with your party planning. Keep it simple.

  In-home dinner parties or events should always be about having a good time and enjoying your company. When you start losing sight of the amusement then you’ve lost sight of the goal to just have an excellent time building memories. And really, that’s why we’re here for your large scale event needs! Taking the time to hire an event planner can be the difference between meltdown and merriment during this time of year. If you’re planning a small scale event and are in need of some guidance Team Play’s event managers can help with that too, and keep you within your budget. Just give us a call and see how amazing it is to be stress free on your special day!  

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